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The greatest spot in South Florida for Italian food lovers!

Coppola’s Bistro Ristorante defines Italian fine lunch and dining in Florida. If you are in the mood for traditional Italian food, just check our Italian food menu to find your favorites.

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Best Local Italian Food Restaurant in Florida

If you are looking for the best Italian food in Florida, look no further than Coppola’s Bistro Ristorante. This local Italian food is always freshly cooked to order.

The friendly and attentive staff are the only thing more pleasant than the food at this Italian food restaurant. With recipes that have been passed down through the generations, you cannot beat this fine Italian restaurant in Florida.

We are the trendsetters in Italian dining.

Open Hours

Sunday | 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Monday | 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Tuesday | 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Wednesday | 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Thursday | 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Friday  | 12:00 pm – 12:00 am
Saturday  | 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

Coppola's Bistro Ristorante

House Cocktails

Looking to unwind, recharge and relax? Looking for a place that brings a great selection of cocktails and drinks? We've got just what you're looking for. Come and discover Coppola's.



  • Spaghetti alla Carbonara
    Spaghetti alla Carbonara $21.95

    Homemade pasta in cream with bacon, onion, parsley, and Parmegiano-Reggiano cheese.

  • Lasagna alla Bolognese
    Lasagna alla Bolognese $19.95

    Homemade traditional meat lasagna.

  • Calamari Fritti
    Calamari Fritti $14.95

    Fried calamari rings, and Julienne zucchini with marinara sauce.

  • Antipasti di Terra Coppola
    Antipasti di Terra Coppola $37.95

    Picanha, grilled sausage, and Argentine sausage

  • Spaghetti Neri con Gamberetti
    Spaghetti Neri con Gamberetti $35.95

    Black pasta in a cream of roasted peppers, asparagus, and sundried tomatoes, with shrimp and burrata.

  • Bistecca di New York
    Bistecca di New York $49.95

    16 Oz. grilled New York steak.

  • Carne di Ossobuco al Risotto
    Carne di Ossobuco al Risotto $39.95

    Italian style ossobuco with risotto.

  • Tiramisù Fatto in Casa
    Tiramisù Fatto in Casa $12.95

    Homemade Tiramisu. Coffee dipped ladyfingers, layered with mascarpone cream, and flavoured with cocoa.

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